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Re: Issue 5628: fix warnings compiling flower unit tests (issue 54532004

From: nine . fierce . ballads
Subject: Re: Issue 5628: fix warnings compiling flower unit tests (issue 545320043 by address@hidden)
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2019 07:00:11 -0800

On 2019/12/13 13:36:05, lemzwerg wrote:
> Somewhat weirdly, if we are making some standard
> definite in the calling options, I'd somehow be
> happier with C++11.

+1.  AFAICS, C++11 is a major target for virtually all C++ compilers.

Well, I'm certainly not going to stand in the way of this show of
I've been wishing to be able to write
    auto col = unsmob<Paper_column>(s);
    SomeClass(const SomeClass&) = delete;
for a while.

For this issue, I will push just the changes to
flower/ that fix signed-comparison warnings.  Those
already made it through a full countdown cycle, so I will push them very

Then I will create a new issue to add -std=c++11 to the compiler

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