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Re: Issue 5639: compile with -std=c++11 (issue 553310045 by address@hidd

From: dak
Subject: Re: Issue 5639: compile with -std=c++11 (issue 553310045 by address@hidden)
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2019 04:07:26 -0800

On 2019/12/14 10:18:33, hahnjo wrote:
Fabulous, thanks for putting this together!

I don't want to get your enthusiasm up prematurely, but I think that the
GUB GCC versions we need(?)/use for PowerPC might not be entirely great
with C++11 though they'll likely support it when given explicitly on the
command line.  So extensive changes may require several
rebases/merges/rewrites before we are ready to put them into mainline
(we don't have a separate GUB for post-2.19 work).  Or we just say "to
heck with it" and just assume that we don't run across bad C++11

That being said, one obvious contender for C++11 might be the
std::vector class which we still double currently, and I think part of
the reason may be that the data() member function is not guaranteed to
be present before C++11.  Because of the merge/rebase thing, I don't
know how much of a good idea it would be to tackle this now, but it's
certainly something worth doing once we are all-in on C++11.

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