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Re: GUB newbie question

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: GUB newbie question
Date: Wed, 1 Jan 2020 16:22:48 +0000
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On 1/1/20, 12:09 AM, "Jacques Menu" <address@hidden> wrote:

    Hello Marco,
    Thanks for the information, and a happy new year 2020!
    > Le 28 déc. 2019 à 10:26, Marco Atzeri <address@hidden> a écrit :
    > Am 27.12.2019 um 10:32 schrieb Jacques Menu:
    > plus of course gcc compiler, automake, autoconf.
    > Building documentation may need some more but as
    > it is really time consuming and the documentation
    > is already available in a separate package you can skip it.
This reminds me why I moved away from building.  I was doing contributor work, 
and I needed to run make doc as part of the patch testing process.  It was a 
pain to get make doc working right, so I just shifted to LilyDev.



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