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Re: move some OLL functions to vanilla LilyPond? [was: A suggestion: add

From: Urs Liska
Subject: Re: move some OLL functions to vanilla LilyPond? [was: A suggestion: add \rf to built-in dynamics]
Date: Wed, 08 Jan 2020 01:08:54 +0100
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Am 7. Januar 2020 23:53:42 MEZ schrieb Andrew Bernard <address@hidden>:
>Hi Malte,
>\shapeII is a function I use heavily - heavily - in all my work. It's
>indispensable for me at least. I'm very familiar with OpenLilyLib, and
>contribute a bit to it, so it's not an issue for me, but that's a
>function that really ought to go into lilypond core in my view.
>As for newbies not using OpenLilyLib, you can't make such as assertion
>because you cannot say what their level of experience with computers
>and software is, so I don't think that's a pertinent point.
>Perhaps ois the NR had instructions for how to install and use
>OpenLilyLib as a powerful addon, then it make have more 'street cred'
>and become more widely used in the way it is intended, not just copy
>and paste of bits. I do think people see it as far outside Lilypond
>and don't want to get involved, somehow.

I agree that openLilyLib could be introduced in the documentation or at least 
on the website.
However, I don't think OLL is ready for that. I I wouldn't want it to be 
officially endorsed as long as it is not at least basically documented.

>On Sat, 4 Jan 2020 at 22:34, Malte Meyn <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Am 04.01.20 um 12:29 schrieb Malte Meyn:
>> One could argue that openlilylib can be installed easily but users
>> not want to install “addons” for basic tasks like this. (In fact, I
>> never used openlilylib apart from copying definitions from the
>> definitions.ily files and I see myself as a advanced user; I don’t
>> that many newbies will use oll …)
>> Same argument for \shapeII.

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