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Re: Salzburg conference attendance?

From: Jürgen Reuter
Subject: Re: Salzburg conference attendance?
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2020 12:01:09 +0100

   Hi Han-Wen,
   hi folks,

   great that you are also attending!
   While I am currently not actively participating on the devel-list, I am
   still reading along the discussions now and then.  My impression is,
   that (at least from an external view) there are two major issues:
   (1) Support for a newer Scheme/Guile version, and
   (2) a new stable release (the current is from 2014).

   However, these topics are already heavily and deeply discussed.  So I
   do not know if you can contribute that much more since there has
   already been said much (if not all).

   By the way, note that the latter also renders Gregorian chant notation
   in Lily completely unsuable since 2014 due to a critical bug (issue
   4087).  This bug was fixed already in September 2014 in the 2.19.x
   series, but it has made Gregorian chant notation unusable since then
   and until now, since current distros like Ubuntu 18.04 still use the
   buggy version 2.18.2 as of early 2014.
   Regarding my past contributions to Lily, however I still see an
   important issue in Gregorian chant notation where you maybe could help
   out: horizontal aligning; in particular spacing between ligatures and
   the proper aligning of lyrics. This has always been and is still (apart
   from issue 4087) the probably only really *big* show stopper for
   Gregorian chant in Lily.  Meanwhile, it seems, the MusixTeX
   preprocessor Gregorio has emerged as the de-facto standard for
   world-wide broad use, presumably just because it gets the horizontal
   alignment correct, while Gregorian chant in Lily fails in this central
   aspect.  This is a pitty, I think.  I really would appreciate if we
   could find a solution for better control over horizontal alignment,
   combining truely fixed distance between selected note columns with much
   better alignment of lyrics (each syllable's main vowel centered around
   the first note column of the associated melisma).
   Happily looking forward to see you in Salzburg,
   P.S.: Please note that my old university e-mail address
   "address@hidden" unfortunately was disabled in 2008, just a few
   months after I had left university (I failed convincing the
   administration to keep this address forwarding mails to me).  Please
   use reuter_j [at] web [dot] de instead.  Thanks! :-)

   On Sun, Jan 5, 2020 at 11:27 AM Han-Wen Nienhuys wrote:

     Hey folks,
     I'll be at the Salzburg music engraving event. I was wondering if
     there is anything regarding LilyPond that you want my input on. If
     I can prepare something.
     Han-Wen Nienhuys - [1]address@hidden -


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