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Re: GUB build error

From: Michael Käppler
Subject: Re: GUB build error
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2020 23:31:45 +0100
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Hi Dan,
will test it, thank you very much!

Am 09.01.2020 um 22:49 schrieb Dan Eble:
On Jan 9, 2020, at 10:09, Dan Eble <address@hidden> wrote:
On Jan 9, 2020, at 07:32, Michael Käppler <address@hidden> wrote:
error: call of overloaded 'isinf(Real&)' is ambiguous
   if (isinf (d[X_AXIS]))
Maybe it's time to take another shot at issue 4550, "Avoid 'using' directives in 
included files."  I can't say I relish the thought, but I will try to motivate 
If you're up to testing it, I'd like to know if this patch solves your problem.


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