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[Notensatz im 21. Jahrhundert] edition-engraver session, Sunday Jan 19 @

From: Kieren MacMillan
Subject: [Notensatz im 21. Jahrhundert] edition-engraver session, Sunday Jan 19 @ 15:30
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2020 11:03:33 -0500

Hello colleagues!

I just had a wonderful video-chat with Jan-Peter, as part of the preparations 
for my session “The Edition-Engraver: The benefits and limitations of tweaking 
LilyPond scores” at next week’s [un]conference.

Rather than simply talk for thirty minutes about how I use the 
edition-engraver, I feel the very best use of this historic opportunity — 
having so many important Lilypond developers together in one place at one time 
— is to dedicate some portion of my session time to a discussion/brainstorm 
regarding the current roadblocks facing the edition-engraver, both technically 
and (to a much lesser extent) from the perspective of wider adoption and use.

I’m proposing I spend the first 10-15 minutes giving a more-or-less traditional 
presentation: an introduction to the extension/framework, examples of usage, 
best practices when coding with the EE, and so forth. Then, in the second 
"half" of the time slot, I facilitate/mediate a discussion — primarily between 
Jan-Peter and the main Lilypond and Frescobaldi development teams — in which we 
brainstorm how to bring the EE to its greatest potential, solve low-level 
technical issues, deeply integrate it in Frescobaldi, etc. The goal of this 
second section would not be to have solved the problems in 15-20 minutes, of 
course, but would just provide a chance for everyone to end up on the same page 
about this powerful tool and how it might move forward.

Jan-Peter is on board for this approach. How does it sound to everyone else? 
Please let us know if you plan to attend, and if so whether you’d be an 
interested/willing participant in a brainstorm/discussion.

Really looking forward to seeing all of you next week!


Kieren MacMillan, composer (he/him/his)
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‣ email: address@hidden

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