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Re: [Notensatz im 21. Jahrhundert] Lily+Scheme bootcamp?

From: Urs Liska
Subject: Re: [Notensatz im 21. Jahrhundert] Lily+Scheme bootcamp?
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2020 21:59:17 +0100
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Am Montag, den 13.01.2020, 15:42 -0500 schrieb Kieren MacMillan:
> Hello future Salzburg-ers!
> Knowing the way my life works, and the fact that I’ll be in Salzburg
> for four days without the normal distractions (family, etc.), and at
> hand will be a rather wonderful collection of brains and facilities…
> Is there any way that someone (Urs? Harm? David N?) could run a
> relatively short (90'?) "Intro to Scheme-ing In Lilypond" bootcamp? 

Hm, and when? Right now I can't see a slot for something like that. The
problem *I* see with these four days is basically the programme forcing
too many decisions what to attend and what to miss already ...


> Nothing too formal: just a stream-of-consciousness “Hello World”
> tutoring for those of us who want to get into Scheme-ing, but real
> life seems to always get in the way?
> I’d be happy to pay a little something — in currency hard (€) or soft
> (suds/grapes) — for the time & expertise.
> Thanks,
> Kieren.
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