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Re: Cleanup initialization of configure process (issue 549350043 by addr

From: dak
Subject: Re: Cleanup initialization of configure process (issue 549350043 by address@hidden)
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2020 07:19:09 -0800

On 2020/01/14 15:07:48, dak wrote:
On 2020/01/14 14:48:44, Dan Eble wrote:
> On 2020/01/14 14:43:34, hahnjo wrote:
> > On 2020/01/14 14:29:38, Dan Eble wrote:
> > > On 2020/01/14 13:59:43, dak wrote:
> > > > On 2020/01/14 13:52:02, hahnjo wrote:
> > > > I am not overly happy that it makes for inoperative code in
the case of
> > > > read-only repository that tries catering for.
> > >
> > > Thank you for calling this out, for I was not paying attention.
I am
> > currently
> > > using a read-only view of the source directory in my build
> > >
> > > Please do not push this change yet.  I will review it shortly
and offer an
> > > opinion.
> >
> > Sure, I'm not in a hurry to land this.
> > Could you maybe share how your build environment looks like to use
> > view of the git repository?
> I build in a Docker container.  ~/lilypond-src is a read-only view
of the git
> source tree.  ~/lilypond-build is the build directory.  This is how
I begin:
>     cd ~/lilypond-build
>     ~/lilypond-src/

I should have checked the "git blame" output.

commit edb80ace4df074fcb8a4976f452aabd2238cf733
Author: Dan Eble <mailto:address@hidden>
Date:   Sat Jan 27 13:04:49 2018 -0500

     Issue 5268: simplify building with a read-only source directory If the source directory is not writable, generate the
     configure script into the current directory and tell the configure
     script the source directory.

     This is convenient for those would prefer to build in a container
     virtual machine with a read-only view of source stored on the

Well, the easiest expedience would be putting (on the assumption that we
don't have to deal with Windows file systems or similar)

ln -sf $srcdir/VERSION .

before the autoconf call.  Making a copy instead of a symbolic link is
also conceivable but may be more likely to cause problems.  Or one
figures out a proper solution.  Let me see.

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