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Finding files in include paths

From: Urs Liska
Subject: Finding files in include paths
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2020 09:21:51 +0100
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Hi all,

how/where is the file searchign with LilyPond's search path is

If I write 
  \include "a/relative/path"
the given path is searched for relative to all search paths known to

Is there a way to do the same in Scheme, say
  (file-visible-to-lilypond "a/relative/path")
to determine whether a target can be found within any LilyPond search
path? Probably the function should return the absolut path, similar to
what kpsewhich does.

I need that to check whether a certain file is present (and then open
it) without knowing the absolute location.


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