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Re: Accept GUILE 2 without extra configure options (issue 569390043 by a

From: dak
Subject: Re: Accept GUILE 2 without extra configure options (issue 569390043 by address@hidden)
Date: Fri, 06 Mar 2020 17:20:00 -0800

On 2020/02/21 16:34:35, hahnjo wrote:
> On 2020/02/21 16:22:52, lemzwerg wrote:
> > > Mabye it makes sense to completely turn to pkg-config?
> > 
> > Sounds sensible.  In particular, it eases cross-compilation.
> Reading my mind ;-)
> On 2020/02/21 16:25:02, dak wrote:
> > > So this would also work for Guile 1.8 (which should either be
preferred as
> > David
> > > suggested or completely dropped; not sure if we're already there).
> > 
> > How does it work?  With GUILE_CONFIG, I pass the executable as an
> > variable.  Admittedly, my non-system-wide Guile-1.8 (Ubuntu no
longer has
> > guile-1.8-dev) contains a file
> > /usr/local/tmp/guile-1.8/lib/pkgconfig/guile-1.8.pc but I don't have
an idea
> how
> > to use it.
>  $ man pkg-config
>              List of secondary directories where ‘.pc’ files are
looked up.
>              List of primary directories where ‘.pc’ files are looked
> You'd want PKG_CONFIG_PATH, in your case add
> /usr/local/tmp/guile-1.8/lib/pkgconfig/. Setting PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR
> pkg-config exclude the system-wide directories like /usr/lib/pkgconfig
(which is
> very convenient for cross-compilation!).

Ok, I've been bitten now by this REALLY REALLY BAD, and there is
absolutely NO documentation to be found ANYWHERE with regard to how this
is supposed to be configured.  ./configure --help does not help, there
is absolutely no mention of anything anywhere.

I finally set

in my ./lilypond-patchy-config file but how are people supposed to
figure that out?  There is absolutely no useful documentation for
getting there.  And as long as Guile-2.2 crashes frequently with
segfaults when used within LilyPond, it is not really an option to leave
integrators with no discernible option to integrate a version of
Guile-1.8 like Debian does.

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