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Re: Fix test target name in python/GNUmakefile (issue 581770043 by addre

From: hanwenn
Subject: Re: Fix test target name in python/GNUmakefile (issue 581770043 by address@hidden)
Date: Sat, 07 Mar 2020 09:49:55 -0800

On 2020/03/07 17:34:03, Dan Eble wrote:
> The title of the review is "5824 Fix test target name in
python/GNUmakefile" but
> the title of ticket 5824 is "output-distance refactor".  It's hard to
tell what
> you want us to review.  Everything?  Just the makefiles?  Just
> Please update the title and description in both places to reflect the
scope of
> the changes more accurately.
> Also, "refactor" is not the word to use when there are significant
> changes.

it's a sequence of 6 commmits, which you can inspect here:

the issue description here is a concatenation of all the commit
messages, in reverse chronological order.

I intend to push them as separate commits, but would prefer the whole
thing to take less than 6 weeks to push. How would you like to review

The ticket title is "output-distance refactor", because at some point
"git-cl" wanted to have a description for the patchset I was pushing. I
think this is because I had ^C'd a previous run, and git-cl isn't
properly atomic.

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