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Re: [translations] Changes section in stable

From: Phil Holmes
Subject: Re: [translations] Changes section in stable
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2020 09:36:10 -0000

----- Original Message ----- From: "Francisco Vila" <address@hidden> To: "David Kastrup" <address@hidden>; "Jean-Charles Malahieude" <address@hidden> Cc: "Translations list at lilynet" <address@hidden>; "LilyPond-Devel list" <address@hidden>
Sent: Monday, March 09, 2020 7:55 PM
Subject: Re: [translations] Changes section in stable

El 9/3/20 a las 20:37, David Kastrup escribió:
Jean-Charles Malahieude <address@hidden> writes:

Le 09/03/2020 à 18:21, Francisco Vila a écrit :
Anyway. I expected wrongly to see translated es/changes showing
online, but this will only happpen when the second stable minor
version occurrs. Right?

Wrong! translation has to be merged into master and then the website

I think Francisco is talking about 2.18–2.20 changes, not 2.20–2.22

True, the latter is devel- , but devel now in the page is 2.19 (= future 2.20) so changes page in devel section is still "2.20 since 2.18".

404 also for me in BTW.

I really have no clue just when and how the _stable_
documentation makes it into our web pages.

Mmm, tricky. It shouldn't be an obscure manual process.

It's not an obscure manual process, it's an obscure automatic process. I built 2.20 with GUB, uploaded it with GUB and it automatically created the "stable" docs and opposed to the unstable ones.

Phil Holmes

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