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2.20 announcements/publicity

From: Simon Albrecht
Subject: 2.20 announcements/publicity
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2020 23:14:14 +0100

Hello everybody,

I’ve been more or less lurking on the lists for quite a while now and I’m sorry for not contributing myself these days. I’m thrilled about the boost to development efforts that could be seen and immensely grateful for all of you keeping up the good work, especially completing the major release. Surprisingly however, this tremendous achievement went by very quietly—I was loosely following the lists and waiting for a huge announcement, but I only heard that the release was out through a casual post on the LilyPond facebook group.

Is there a particular reason why there weren’t any large announcements on all channels (like ly-user, ly-devel, the Music Engraving Tips facebook group, and probably others I don’t closely follow) other than ‘nobody made any’? If not, I think we should really give this more of the publicity it certainly deserves, shouldn’t we?

Best, Simon

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