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Re: Issue #1204: Document, and add regtest for, external fonts. (issue 5

From: v . villenave
Subject: Re: Issue #1204: Document, and add regtest for, external fonts. (issue 557640051 by address@hidden)
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2020 11:29:37 -0700

Reviewers: lemzwerg,

On 2020/03/30 16:06:08, lemzwerg wrote:
> Is it guaranteed that we can create this directory?  What about srcdir
> builddir?

Yes.  It’s a (tmpnam) name, located in /tmp or $TMPDIR or whatever:
That’s the mechanism we already use for intermediate-files.

The alternative would be to create the font files in the cwd, like what does.  I decided against it because creating a file is
already intrusive, creating a subdir is somehow worse.

Now, ideally these should be removed after the PDF is generated.  The
problem is that (like intermediate-files, precisely) they need to be
deleted only after GhostScript’s done with them… and I’m not sure we’re
able to overwrite, for example, postprocess-output or output-framework
on-the-fly.  I don’t think the codebase needs additional hooks only for
one regtest to clean after itself, but it *could* be a problem for
systems that run the regtests continuously.

Thanks for the other nits, I’ve addressed them.


Issue #1204: Document, and add regtest for, external fonts.

Add a few details in NR "Fonts explained", and
a regtest with base64-embedded minimal OpenType fonts.
(I didn’t want to use musical symbols since the whole
point is that these glyphs are not to be confused with
whatever’s installed on the OS.)
The regtest has been tested with all major versions
since 2.12, and current master with and without Guile2.

Please review this at

Affected files (+256, -2 lines):
  M Documentation/notation/text.itely
  A input/regression/

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