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Re: Move get_normal to Offset::normal (issue 576000043 by address@hidden

From: dak
Subject: Re: Move get_normal to Offset::normal (issue 576000043 by address@hidden)
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2020 12:38:02 -0700

On 2020/04/13 19:08:31, hanwenn wrote:
> File flower/include/offset.hh (right):
> flower/include/offset.hh:123: Offset normal() const {
> On 2020/04/13 18:24:47, dak wrote:
> > It's kind of unusual to make a constructing function a (non-static)
> > function unless this is necessitated for operator semantics, because
> > conversion rules apply and there is some expectation that member
> > delivering the class type may change stuff in-place (the const is
not seen at
> > call sites).
> > 
> > Any reason to depart from conventions here?
> It's consistent with offset::direction, offset::swapped, but I
followed your
> suggestion.

You are right regarding direction and swapped, so your proposed change
was not creating precedent and with the reason of maintaining
convention/consistency untenable, I think I prefer your originally
proposed syntax.  Sorry for the noise.

Any input from our C++ gurus?

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