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Re: Rendering chords in "Danish" style

From: Valentin Villenave
Subject: Re: Rendering chords in "Danish" style
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2020 18:00:33 +0000

On 4/19/20, Michael Bisgaard Olesen <address@hidden> wrote:
> *(Resending because it didn't seem to go through the first time)*

if you’re subscribed to the -devel list, your messages should go
through immediately. Perhaps your first message got stuck because your
address was not subscribed yet and as such it had to be approved

> The song is in Danish and I'd like the chords to be rendered in the
> traditional Danish style. I don't know if this is Danish only (could be
> Scandinavian?)

If you can investigate, that would be great. Alternatively, could you
elaborate on what constitutes “Danish” style, and according to which

More generally, more contributions are always welcome and I happily
encourage you to read some of our Contributor's Guide if you haven’t
already done so:

> I'd like to try and add support for "D-style" in lilypond, so I made the
> following patch with my change:

Hm. You may have noticed the couple of TODOs and FIXMEs I added last
year; the chord naming system is a bit of a mess and I’ve only started
cleaning it up. (There were _three_ different, unrelated methods for
turning a pitch into a text string in LilyPond; now there are only two
and I’m hoping we can factorize that further.)

As I said in these comments in chord-name.scm, there must be a way of
making the notation more flexible and to avoid requiring large chunks
of code duplication like what you did here. One possibility worth
exploring is to take advantage of the note-name->lily-string function
I rewrote (see at the bottom of translation-functions.scm). Actually,
your suggestion might be a good occasion of pursuing the cleanup I had
initiated. Feel free to take a look!

As for the other tweaks you mentioned that could certainly fit into a
predefined variable (see for example -- but then
again, some sources would be needed to document the existing engraving
practices in Danish/Scandinavian printed music.


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