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Re: Documentation: Remove deprecated skeleton-update (issue 545910043 by

From: fedelogy
Subject: Re: Documentation: Remove deprecated skeleton-update (issue 545910043 by address@hidden)
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2020 02:09:22 -0700

On 2020/04/19 15:04:38, hahnjo wrote:
> As I'm not doing translations myself, it would be great if somebody
> with the process could comment on the faith of
> scripts/auxiliar/ It's not failing, but to me
> look like doing anything helpful either.

I remember I tried using it when I started the translation about 10
years ago and it wasn't helpful at all.
I'm Ok with removing it. Other translators will hopefully confirm (or

However, I would not remove completely that section in the CG.
In general, the documentation doesn't take anything for granted,
especially when information is addressed to newcomers.
I would write something like:

Adding a Texinfo manual

In order to start translating a new manual, simply copy the english
files within your language directory and translate them.
For example, if you want to translate the first chapter of the Learning

cp Documentation/learning.tely Documentation/LANG/learning.tely
cp Documentation/learning/tutorial.itely

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