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Re: Frescobaldi distribution packages

From: pkx166h
Subject: Re: Frescobaldi distribution packages
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2020 10:28:08 +0100
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Hello On 22/04/2020 06:22, Andrew Bernard wrote:
Am I right in supposing that 2.20.0 is the now stable version? I
notice that, for example, installing Frescobaldi on OpenSuse Leap 15
installs 2.18.2 together with it. Should these system packages now use
2.20.0 instead? That would be a good way to get people off the old
versions, for those newly setting up.

How does lilypond get into distribution repositories anyway? Is there
any thing I can do to help in this regard?

It's not a big deal as it is trivial to install 2.20.0 and get
Frescobaldi to use that. But it seems to more 2.18.2 is, in a way,
deprecated, or at least not one's first choice now.

While I cannot speak for Frescobaldi, a general problem of LilyPond has been that the Guile (version 1.8) that was required for 2.18 (and pretty much all of 2.19 if not still 2.20) was finally deprecated such that most distributions had to remove LP because of that - at least that was how I, as a non-developer, understood it. This meant that LP had to be removed or packaged with its own version of Guile which was a problem for maintainers generally.

I am not sure what the current state of Guile packaging/support is with LP 2.20 and the various distributions and I am sure that others who know more can chime on or correct me if I was wrong.

But I think that was the gist of it right?


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