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Re: Rewrite Skyline code (issue 547980044 by address@hidden)

From: jonas . hahnfeld
Subject: Re: Rewrite Skyline code (issue 547980044 by address@hidden)
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2020 00:01:27 -0700
File lily/include/skyline.hh (right):
lily/include/skyline.hh:34: #include "offset.hh"
Please don't separate the lily includes - actually interval.hh is
already included above
File lily/ (right):
lily/ #include "skyline.hh"
As discussed in other reviews, skyline.hh should be the very first
include and system headers should be last
lily/ class BuildingQueue
Do you really need a custom type for this? It really much looks like an
iterator (and you can call methods on the current item by using the ->
lily/ Building front_;
In any case, this causes copies on every call to next(). If you need to
retain this data structure, is there a reason not to use a pointer to
the current element? AFAICS you don't modify the underlying vector when
using a BuildingQueue
lily/ class LessThanBuilding
Can we just replace this functor by passing Building::less as a function

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