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Re: Pedal cautionary after a line break (current status and improvements

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: Pedal cautionary after a line break (current status and improvements)
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2020 18:00:53 +0200
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Hi Paolo,

Le 25/06/2020 à 16:10, Paolo Prete a écrit :

On Thursday, June 25, 2020, Jean Abou Samra < <>> wrote:

    Hi Paolo,

    I still highly encourage you to fill an issue at

    Judging from, the main authors of the code
    used for piano pedals are Jan, Erik Sandberg and Chris Jackson. None
    of them is currently active on LilyPond as far as I know. It certainly
    isn't a blocker, but the issue isn't trivial either as you mentioned.
    Mailing list threads are volatile: people who are currently on
    holiday, or
    busy, or who will join development in months or years won't read them.
    This is why an issue is the way to go. I didn't open one because I
    you'd want to do it, but someone else can go ahead if you prefer.


Hi Jean,

Given that

1) fixing this issue requires a not trivial change and the authours of the code are no longer active

2) this issue, as the replies of this thread show, is not considered a major one (as I instead do; and I'm still convinced that a pedal Bracket without a cautionary text is unusable / unpresentable) but it appears more or less as an "enhancement"

If you sum 1 + 2 chances that the reported issue will be developed
… are 3!
But joking aside …
So, in order to produce a concrete result, at least the point 2) should be accepted / understood. This is what I tried to do, but the thread seems to go in the opposite way. This is why I think that opening a ticket would be unuseful for now and I did not open it. But if you think it could be useful, be free (of course) to open it ...

This is precisely the heart of the question. LilyPond development is
(mostly) not driven by the importance of issues but rather by pleasure and
interest. Which means that you just need one person willing to spend time on
piano pedals − and skilled enough for that − regardless of the issue's
weight. That can happen now, or in months or in years, who knows.In the
most extreme cases, issues can be resolved a decade after they were
reported. Look at the one David Stephen Grant fixed just two weeks ago:

This is why issues are so essential. They help organize work on a long time frame.

By the way, the Type::Enhancement label expresses no judgement about wether the issue is a major one. It's to be understood as opposed to Type::Defect: this ticket is about an enhancement because the current output is consistent and there is
no crash.

I opened



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