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Re: GSoC-2020 update: Jul 31

From: Urs Liska
Subject: Re: GSoC-2020 update: Jul 31
Date: Sat, 01 Aug 2020 07:07:19 +0200
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Am 1. August 2020 06:59:16 MESZ schrieb Werner LEMBERG <>:
>> In the meantime, I've gotten Bravura glyphs to appear on the page!
>A question to commit d092b23276059c77e33cab9428b9a9753b5cd27a: Why do
>you change from the (IMHO preferable) `-` to `_` in the file name?  I
>consider `_` an abomination that is only necessary because `-` is not
>a valid character in identifiers of many programming languages.
>Another issue: Maybe it makes sense if you try to rebase your branch
>from time to time.

Really rebase?
This would be a case where "general wisdom" argues against modifying pushed 
Typically you'd rather merge master into your working branch here.

I can see use in both ways, but I strongly suggest making an explicit decision 
with feedback from those who might occasuonally want to look at your code.

But trying not to let master get too far from your branch is surely a good 


>    Werner

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