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Re: GSoC-2020 update: Jul 31

From: Jonas Hahnfeld
Subject: Re: GSoC-2020 update: Jul 31
Date: Sun, 02 Aug 2020 08:21:20 +0200
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Am Samstag, den 01.08.2020, 23:31 +0200 schrieb Jean Abou Samra:
> While I generally prefer merging over rebasing, since we enforce an 
> all-fast-forward policy for merging to master, I think we should rebase 
> here. My reasoning is that you put in more information when resolving 
> conflicts during a rebase: merging means you unify two diverging 
> histories, thus you get prompted once and for all, but rebasing forces 
> you to resolve conflicts for each intermediary commit.

But only for conflicts that git detects. For example, it doesn't
guarantee at all that every intermediate commit can be built afterwards
(in fact, I rather find this unlikely for larger changes).

> As far as my 
> understanding extends, if Owen merges now, there will still be work left 
> for rebasing at the end of the project, part of which will be 
> duplicated. By contrast, rebasing now means less error-prone work in the 
> future.

I think we're not going to just merge (in whatever way) all commits
from the branch to master at the end of the summer, are we? Eventually
this means the changes need to be split into reviewable chunks, as is
also a policy of the project.
For now, I'd leave the branch where it is. At least this guarantees
that all commits work the way Owen wrote them.


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