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Re: `make all` too verbose after merge #84

From: James
Subject: Re: `make all` too verbose after merge #84
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2020 13:57:03 +0100
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On 05/08/2020 12:35, Werner LEMBERG wrote:
Nope, IIRC.  Only warnings that 'font foo is too large to be included
as a subfont' or something similar.
I've just tried to compile 2.20 and I get those same Page xx message
back then.

Go check out b39b2e652 for instance (that is the 2.20 'bump welcome'
commit that Phil does for a release), and make doc.
I've just checked out commit 3eef6cf7 (from July 14th) for a complete
doc build – this is a commit that that I've tested previously doing
the same.  Attached you can find my various log files (containing
console output redirected with `&>`); I configured with

   ./ \
     --disable-optimising \
     --with-texgyre-dir=... \

then built with

   make all -j4
   make doc -j4

As you can see, there are no such page messages.  AND I have
extractpdftex installed!

extractpdfmark not tex

(I assume that comment was a typo?)

anyway with it installed you will get those messages, without you won't (or at least I did not).

and it has been a thing for me for a lot longer than 3 weeks.


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