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Re[2]: issue verification

From: Trevor
Subject: Re[2]: issue verification
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2020 20:30:35 +0000
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Jonas, you wrote 17/09/2020 20:32:31
Subject: Re: issue verification

The problem I'm seeing is that it would become harder to find the
issues to verify: Most of the time, there will be fixed issues for the
current version still in development, which cannot be verified. Making
everybody wanting to help with verification skip over the same set of
issues potentially wastes a lot of time...

Maybe I'm misunderstanding the problem, but a list of issues to verify
for a particular release, say 2.21.4, can be found by

Issues -> Milestones -> Release LilyPond 2.21.4 -> Milestone 2.21.4
Page down to see a list of completed issues (closed).

These are the ones to verify for 2.21.4 I believe.


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