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Re: Would like to develop

From: Jahrme Risner
Subject: Re: Would like to develop
Date: Sun, 03 Jan 2021 12:05:57 +0000

On Thu, Dec 31, 2020 at 15:57, Sven Axelsson <> wrote:

> On Thu, 31 Dec 2020 at 21:59, Jonas Hahnfeld <> wrote:
>> Interesting, the brew formula uses the pre-built binaries which are 32-
>> bit only (due to licensing issues, see below):
>> That's more of a packaging issue in brew, LilyPond should build fine
>> with Clang since a year or so. IMHO the formula should be updated to
>> build from source.
> That's the Homebrew Cask formula. Those do not build anything, they just
> install pre-built applications. The Brew formula for lilypond was removed
> some years ago because it needed Guile 1.6 and at that time Homebrew did
> not support multiple versions of the same library. That is no longer a
> problem and in addition, Homebrew now has a buildbot that automatically
> produces binaries for multiple OS and CPU versions (
> So, it would be a good thing to update the
> Brew formula and get it back into Homebrew.

A while back I had been playing with the idea of getting LilyPond building with 
HomeBrew and what I had at that point is available at In addition to the Guile issue 
already mentioned, last I checked HomeBrew dependencies on anything LaTeX 
related were not well supported. In the end, I’ve moved to using MacPorts 
instead of HomeBrew so I haven’t kept the release current and I’m sure it would 
need some work.

As has been mentioned, MacPorts builds 64-bit binaries (I believe even on the 
new M1 Macs) and is kept pretty much up to date for new LilyPond releases. 
There has been a fair amount of work done to slim down the list of dependencies 
needed, and I still think that with a bit of effort MacPorts could be used to 
produce redistributable .pkg installers of a reasonable size.


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