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Re: state of the ’Pond for earnest tadpoles

From: antlists
Subject: Re: state of the ’Pond for earnest tadpoles
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 2021 18:25:49 +0000
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On 03/01/2021 10:07, James wrote:
my desktop before that was from 2013 (i5 something) and I was getting sub hour make doc times even then but using 3 CPUs.

So you having those timings while using a -j5 option ... wow!

I am obviously inhabiting some technological bubble that I wasn't aware I was in.

Not some technological bubble - just more money than sense :-)

My "new" pc that I have yet to install gentoo on and bring into service was bought three years ago. Don't ask ...

The system it's replacing has an Athlon X III processor so is probably about ten years old. And that replaced an Athlon Thunderbird where the on-board memory maxed out at 768MB.

Not all of us need (or can afford) to upgrade our kit regularly.


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