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MacUpdate - your app listing has been updated

From: MacUpdate
Subject: MacUpdate - your app listing has been updated
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2021 06:16:11 -0500

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   App Listing Updated

   Hi, We have updated your application listing for LilyPond
   2.22.0-1 on [2] Please take a moment to review your
   application's information to make sure that everything is correct.
   [3]View your updated app listing view your updated app
   You can [4]login to your Developer Account to reply to comments and
   view stats, or [5]submit new updates and changes to your app listing.
   [6]MacUpdate Desktop install compatibility

   Desktop Install Compatibility

   MacUpdate Desktop 6 is helping developers make it easier for users to
   fully install and use their apps. Download Desktop 6 and to ensure your
   app works with the “Install” link on our download pages.

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   The best Mac devs advertise their apps on because it’s
   the most targeted, highly performing Mac app advertising you can find
   on the web. Contact to guarantee your annual ad
   campaigns get booked and expand your app’s audience.
   Learn more view your updated app
   MacUpdate Desktop install compatibility Questions? Contact our Content
   Update Team [7]
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   You are receiving this offer because you have an app listed on Add us to your address book or white list to ensure
   reliable delivery.

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