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Cross compile Python for Windows?

From: Russell Haley
Subject: Cross compile Python for Windows?
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2021 22:51:29 -0800

Hi there!

TLDR: I am wandering around the world looking for mingw patches for python?

I am working with the llvm-mingw compiler toolchain project 
(  and we are trying to get the 
lldb.exe/lldb-mi.exe debugger working with various IDEs on Windows. We are in 
desperate need of libpython with the extensions built in 
( ). The llvm-mingw package is 
cross compiled in a *nix environment (Linux and FreeBSD mostly). What we have 
found is trying to cross compile Python with mingw is a bit of a minefield.  

In my pursuit, I was checking the Python issue tracker when I came across a 
very old but very helpful offer of mingw patches: 

I was wondering if those patches exist for a current implementation of python 
3? Anything you could offer or suggest would be helpful?  I’ll pull down your 
source files on the weekend, but I thought I would ask on the mailing list. 

Thank you,
Russell Haley

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