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Re: Very Simple question

From: Andrew Bernard
Subject: Re: Very Simple question
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 2021 11:47:55 +1100

Hi Leonid,

You wont get snippets into the baseline of Lilypond - that's a very long
drawn out process, naturally. But you can submit to Lilypond Snippet
Repository (LSR). People here will show you how. Also, there is the
OpenLilyLib project for somewhat more extensive code functions. I have
taken over the management of that but it is temporarily a bit out of
action, although the current git repository is still available, but not
currently taking pull requests. I'll be getting back to renovating OLL as
soon as I can. I recommended using OLL to publish code that many others may
find useful.

Would still like to see a page of yours as an example. Perhaps code to do
what you want already exists in various places. You can attach images in
this mailing list.


On Sun, 31 Jan 2021 at 10:56, Leonid Hrabovsky <> wrote:

> Hello Bernard, thank you!
> What concerns imported watercolors and graphics, I never ever have gone so
> far. My questions in the letter are the most basic ones related to my
> notation style of 1960s. There are very few essentials left unmentioned.
> Therefore I still expect somebody of the developers to comment these
> snippets of code I submit in it. I tend to hold myself nearest to the
> graphic vocabulary that LulyPond already contains.
> *Леонід - Leonid*
>> > I'm sure this response is unsatisfying, but it might the only response
>> you get.
>> >
>> > Ciao,
>> > —
>> > Dan
>> >
>> >

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