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From: Leonid Hrabovsky
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2021 16:39:59 -0500

Hello gentlemen!
As a composer who, in 1960s, had written scores with aleatory elements,
using notational principles of Polish modern school (Krzysztof Penderecki,
Kazimierz Serocki, partially Witold Lutoslawski) plus space notation of
early Luciano Berio, and adding my own graphics, I see in LilyPond THE
score typesetter that I hope may meet my needs.

Therefore my question to you No.1:
How may I obtain a notehead like the oval with the dot inside - maybe like
\myNoteHeads = \override NoteHead.stencil =
                                   = \dotcircle
% this will give not the usual oval, and the circle will have % thin
or like this:
\myNoteHeads = \override NoteHead.stencil =
                                   = \timesig.neomensural194   ?

Now the question No.2:
As lines that mean the continuation of repeated groups, I used the squiggle
line (as the repetition in random order sign) and zigzag one (as the
repetition in direct order sign). I am curious if these codes are possible
and give the result:
            \draw-squiggle-line #4 #'(6.0) ##t
               \override #'(height . 4)
               \override #'(angularity . 2)
% (it is intended to obtain the zigzag line)
% and
             \draw-squiggle-line #4 #'(6.0) ##t
               \override #'(height . 4)
               \override #'(angularity . 0)
  % (it is intended to obtain the squiggle line)
And the additional question:
Is it possible to have at the left edge the instrument name and its bracket
and no staff (\stopStaff), *but* one of these two lines *in place* of the
staff - until the right edge?

Now the question No.3:
Is it possible to have note a'2 as dotcircle one with flat-flag and extend
that flag to the right edge of the page? Or is there a way to give that
note a beam and draw it to the right edge using s2 | s1 | s1 | s1 | with
\stopStaff  and invisible barlines?

So far, my starting questions.

I would be glad to have constructive answers on them.

Truly yours,

Leonid Hrabovsky

*Леонід - Leonid*


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