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Re: who needs script `update-patch-version`?

From: Jonas Hahnfeld
Subject: Re: who needs script `update-patch-version`?
Date: Mon, 01 Feb 2021 08:25:18 +0100
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Am Montag, dem 01.02.2021 um 06:38 +0100 schrieb Werner LEMBERG:
> Is there still any benefit in using the
> `scripts/auxiliar/update-patch-version` script as described in the
> Contributor Guide?  It seems to me that this and the related
> documentation should be simply deleted.

I don't, and if need be we can run the single command:
 $ git grep --name-only $1 | xargs sed -i -e s/$1/$2/g

> Right now I'm completely revising `programming-work.itexi`, so I can
> take care of that, too.

It would be great if you can structure the revision as incremental
updates and not as a big dump. Those are quite tedious to review and
usually take much longer to go through...


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