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Relevant blog post: "Music production on Guix system"

From: Jahrme Risner
Subject: Relevant blog post: "Music production on Guix system"
Date: Tue, 09 Feb 2021 19:33:41 +0000

Hello all,

I was catching up on the blog posts for GNU Guix, and I thought that one in 
particular might be interesting to some members of the LilyPond community. 
There was a post about music production on a Guix system that utilized 
LilyPond. The process integrated usage of both the PDF and MIDI output into the 
music production flow.

Sorry if this has already been shared on the list and I missed it.

Best wishes,

For those not wanting to read the whole post, one of the more relevant passages 
I decided to hone in on the exact harmonies with an unlikely tool: the 
unparalleled [music engraving application Lilypond]( 
Lilypond sports a versatile language that covers primitive note input, the 
means of combining them to larger phrases and musical ideas, and the means of 
abstraction — it allows for musical ideas to be named and recombined in 
different shapes. For everything the language doesn’t account for with 
specialized syntax I can simply switch to Guile Scheme. No other notation 
software is as flexible and malleable as Lilypond.

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