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From: Dan Eble
Subject: \inStaffSegno
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 2021 18:07:32 -0500

Is anyone here an expert on the requirements for \inStaffSegno?  I'm wondering 
whether the current implementation is perfect insofar as there is always a 
double stroke through it.

Gould doesn't discuss the in-staff form of segno, but she discusses the mark 
form and recommends doubling the accompanying bar line in two cases (Behind 
Bars p.240):

  * the segno occurs mid-measure
  * the segno coincides with a musical section

A segno mark aligned on a measure that isn't a musical section gets a normal 
(single) bar line.

I've been working on new commands -- \repeat segno, \section, \fine, etc. -- 
and I'm wondering if I should attempt to unify the bar line rules for the 
in-staff and mark forms of segno.


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