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Re: Policy concerning 'Patch::review'

From: James
Subject: Re: Policy concerning 'Patch::review'
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2021 11:58:13 +0000
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Hello Michael,

On 15/02/2021 09:22, Michael Käppler wrote:
Hi all,
I'm not sure if I missed some policy change, but I noticed that recently
some MRs were
set to 'Review' without posting the test results. I assume that in such
cases the tests were unchanged,
but it would be good to clarify this.

There has never been a 'policy' to say you must state the test results (even if there is no change or nothing of any significance) it's just been a courtesy. Some developers will bother to put in the same 'nothing has changed, except the usual prog error events' but I saw no benefit in that.

Obviously if there is a change in the diffs someone will post it, but as I get so many emails myself, I figured just changing the label and the developers assuming that this means 'nothing of any significance' would at make the thread less noisy and perhaps not generate more emails.

This is similar reasoning that we assume no update to a thread by another developer infers approval (or at the very least no dis-approval) of a MR/Patch, so that it can move on, rather than have to wait for someone to OK a patch explicitly.

I check every MR/Patch when I do the countdown anyway, so if I spot something unusual or someone changing a label without stating a reason (over and above patch new -> review) then I'll question it.

What I would say while it is good form for another person to review the tests and change the label to review, it is not mandatory and the original developer could do it, for example, they fix a trivial typo or something like that and it builds and passes all the tests, there is no point (IMHO) to add yet another thread to the MR.


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