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Re: overfull lines in IR

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: Re: overfull lines in IR
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2021 12:11:10 +0100

Am Mo., 22. Feb. 2021 um 13:24 Uhr schrieb Werner LEMBERG <>:
> >> Right now, some overlong lines are auto-generated in the Internals
> >> Reference.  [...]
> >
> > It seems to me that during the creation of the documentation,
> > expansion of the property value should be prevented.
> Continuing my monologue...
> I guess that if we have
>   foo = #bar
> in LilyPond then `bar` gets unavoidably expanded.  This makes it
> impossible to document it properly in an automated way.
> I'm not a Scheme guru but I guess we would need a function or macro to
> prevent expansion for stuff that gets auto-documented.  For example, I
> could imagine that we have
>   foo = #(auto-document 'bar)
> (or whatever syntax would be appropriate) instead; the right side
> expands `bar` for normal usage but becomes the string `#bar` while
> running LilyPond's auto-documentation stuff.
> Would this be feasible?  It would uglify source code files but
> enormously improve the IR.
> Are there better ideas?
>     Werner

Hi Werner,

> Continuing my monologue...

let me add a few thoughts...

As user I'd want to find the default values for grob- and
context-properties in IR.
Internally they are usually specified in define-grobs.scm and, afaik.
In my view one can destinct between static values like: booleans,
numbers, quoted lists, etc and procedures, unpure-pure-containers,


For those static ones I have the strong opinion, we should always
print them expanded and literally, even for a longer list. Thus
• Set translator property ottavationMarkups to:

    '((4 . "29")
      (3 . "22")
      (2 . "15")
      (1 . "8")
      (-1 . "8")
      (-2 . "15")
      (-3 . "22")
      (-4 . "29"))

is fine.


For procedures, we probably could print only the name. Alas, it would
be misleading for autoAccidentals:
Your example

  • Set translator property autoAccidentals to:

    '(Staff #<procedure #f (context pitch barnum measurepos)>
            #<procedure neo-modern-accidental-rule (context pitch
barnum measurepos)>)

would become:

(Staff #f neo-modern-accidental-rule)

Then I'd expect every user to ask: wtf is #f here...?
Maybe we could replace #f with `anonymus procedure' or the like, but
I'm not convinced...


hash-tables and unpure-pure-containers are even worse.

Things like:

  • Set translator property predefinedDiagramTable to #<hash-table 0/113>.


vertical-skylines (pair of skylines):

#<unpure-pure-container #<primitive-procedure
ly:grob::vertical-skylines-from-stencil> #<primitive-procedure
ly:grob::pure-simple-vertical-skylines-from-extents> >

are not very helpful for a user. Though, I've not a good idea how to
improve here.


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