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Re: Stacked extensions in harmonics

From: Valentin Petzel
Subject: Re: Stacked extensions in harmonics
Date: Tue, 02 Mar 2021 03:11:48 +0100

This is a quick mockup that still needs lots of tweaking and testing. For 
example currently the width of the Parenthesis is in an order of the square 
root of the height of the actual markup. This should be not too bad, as we’d 
expect a good bracket to grow faster horizontally than vertically. But this is
still only one possibility of many. I should probably also have the thickness 
affect the width. A thicker parenthesis might just need slightly (and really 
only slightly!) more width.

The thickness does not really increase, it just scales with the font-size. So 
the first one is more or less the same, while for the bigger text (ex 3) we 
have more thickness, while for the smaller text (ex 2) we have less thickness. 
(but this works of course only if fontsize is set outsize of parenthesize).

The problem is not already tweaked stuff, by the way, as these changes are 
just new default behaviours. This means that any tweak will act just as 
before, and only untweaked settings are affected. Still, the question is if 
maybe some people depend on the standard behaviour in such ”bad“ cases, or if 
the current defaults are in fact so bad in these cases, that it might be 
considered reasonable to expect that noone actually relies on this behaviour.

So you can in fact just disable this auto scaling by overriding thickness to 1 
and width to 0.25.


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