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Re: guile libraries

From: Valentin Petzel
Subject: Re: guile libraries
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2021 23:55:07 +0100

Hello Al,

The problem is that guile-1.8 is not supported by modern distros anymore.

I’m not sure if Ubuntu handles this well, but under Debian you can fetch the 
source code with apt-get source lilypond. (Ubuntu just uses the version 
maintained by Debian, so I think this should work out.)
This will download the source code as used by Debian, which means that it will 
come bundled with it’s own guile1.8 version. It also gives you the Makefile 
debian/rules for building and packaging.

So you can just do
apt-get build-dep lilypond
To install the dependencies needed for building, and
apt-get source lilypond
to fetch the source code.

Of course you can also try to install guile-1.8-dev from Jessie/Xenial.


Am Montag, 15. März 2021, 17:54:16 CET schrieb Al Rice:
> Greetings,
> My name is Al.  I am a retied design engineer.  15 years embedded in
> assembly followed by 20 in the Windows environment programming C and its
> derivatives.  Since retiring I moved all my development machines to
> linux and started looking at opensource projects to keep my hand in.  I
> am also an aspiring musician and have used Finale, MuseScore and
> lilypond with Frescobaldi to a great extent.
> I am attempting to compile lilypond 2.22 on xubuntu 20.04 using "make
> all".  I get the error:
> /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lguile
> Should be a simple thing to set a path to the guile 1.8 libraries -
> but.... I cannot find them, either.
> Would someone be so kind as to offer some advice on compiling lilypond?
> Thanks,
> Al

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