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Re: [translations] Working repo

From: Dénes Harmath
Subject: Re: [translations] Working repo
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2021 15:29:32 +0200

Dear all,

I finally resolved the change requests of How can I request 
I wanted to access the documentation build artifacts in but I couldn’t find 
any. Do you have any information where they can be found?

Thanks in advance,

> 2021. márc. 5. dátummal, 16:20 időpontban Jean-Charles Malahieude 
> <> írta:
> Le 05/03/2021 à 15:25, Jonas Hahnfeld a écrit :
>> Am Donnerstag, dem 04.03.2021 um 19:34 +0100 schrieb Jean-Charles
>>> Even if outside the countdown process, these MR should IMHO still be
>>> reviewed or specifically "tagged" and maybe translators prefix their own
>>> branch with Doc-LL when pending for a while (it took me more than a week
>>> for polishing !671). The CG will have to be adapted.
>> Sure, we'll need proper procedures. For example, we could have a label
>> Patch::translation to keep these MRs out of the countdown. However, I'm
>> not sure how much "review" is appropriate since the translator is
>> usually the one who can judge best (especially if already part of the
>> team = push access). Regarding branch names, are there multiple
>> translators working on the same language? How do they synchronize at
>> the moment?
> Good point! IIRC and except for the "French team" (John, Gauvain, me and 
> later Valentin) patches used to be centralized by the "main" translator, be 
> it Francisco for Spanish or Federico for Italian before landing on the 
> repository, and newcomers were "mentored" by one of us like i did with Walter 
> for Catalan -- mainly checking the log-files for bad cross-references and 
> giving advises or tips.
>>>> The more immediate problem right now is that Savannah is ahead of
>>>> GitLab, so once somebody pushes to GitLab the synchronization will fail
>>>> because branches cannot be force-pushed to Savannah. Given the issue
>>>> with overlong lines, maybe it's best to reset Savannah's translation
>>>> branch to the commit on GitLab? I can do this manually if nobody
>>>> disagrees.
>>> Please go ahead.
>> Done, translation on Savannah now equals the branch on GitLab. I have a
>> copy of the Hungarian translation locally, should that be needed.
> Benkő Pál is actually reviewing MR675

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