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SMuFL name mapping update, 23 July

From: Owen Lamb
Subject: SMuFL name mapping update, 23 July
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2021 23:43:28 -0700
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Hi all! A few updates from the SMuFL front.

First off, Werner suggested the database gain a more permanent nature. To that end, I've brought back rejected glyph matchups (in gray now) and have begun adding links to mailing list discussions in the notes. I shortened some of my notes where they were wordier than necessary, but hopefully no useful information was lost. I'll try to be more conservative when editing entries from now on. If I missed any pieces of the conversation, let me know so I can add them in.

Second, I've made the site a little easier to navigate with a drop-down menu that lets you view one glyph category at a time. It was starting to become a pain to scroll through! If you'd like any other quality-of-life improvements, I'm open to suggestions.

Third, I've added the next few glyph categories: Rest, Flag, Dot (actually just one glyph), and Dynamic glyphs. There's not too much to see here; everything was pretty easy to match up with SMuFL. (But go ahead and look them through, just in case.)

Fourth, I've begun to have misgivings about whether it's worth encoding Wyschnegradsky accidentals after all. I've marked them as contentious for now with an explanatory note, so the floor is open.

As always, my work can be found at Please give it a look and tell me what you think!

Up next, expect some fun with Emmentaler's Script glyphs, as well as a finalized game plan for those pesky Shape-note noteheads.

Owen Lamb

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