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Re: \tuplet in \grace

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: \tuplet in \grace
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2021 20:18:06 +0200
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Le 25/07/2021 à 11:00, David Kastrup a écrit :
Jean Abou Samra <> writes:

Le 25/07/2021 à 04:28, Dan Eble a écrit :
Are tuplet indications on grace notes (M.2 of the example) a feature
or a mere side effect of the current implementation?  I'm working on
some changes that happen to make them disappear and I want to
understand whether I need to debug that.

\new Staff \fixed c' {
    \new Voice { \tuplet 3/2 4 \grace { g8 g g a8 a a } b1 }
    \new Voice { \grace \tuplet 3/2 4 { g8 g g a8 a a } b1 }

Well, if the user explicitly asks for them like this,
they should be preserved. Even though I don't have an
example in mind, tuplets in graces do not seem that contorted
compared to some contemporary notation features users ask about.

The first Staff looks more or less like a bug to me;
Not to me.  It says to use tuplets in groups of quarter notes, but the
grace notes don't take up any non-grace duration.  So I don't see it as
a surprise that the grouping doesn't do anything.  I'd expect the grace
timing to be 3 notes to two unmodified grace notes, and that appears to
be the case.

I stand corrected. Still, even without a duration passed
to \tuplet, the TupletBracket and TupletNumber appear

\version "2.23.4"

\new Staff \with {
  \override TupletBracket.bracket-visibility = ##t
  { \voiceOne \tuplet 3/2 \grace { e'8 8 8 } 1 }
  { \voiceTwo \grace \tuplet 3/2 { c'8 8 8 } 1 }

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