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Re: Problem

From: Jonas Hahnfeld
Subject: Re: Problem
Date: Mon, 02 Aug 2021 08:35:12 +0200
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Am Sonntag, dem 01.08.2021 um 20:53 +0000 schrieb Carl Sorensen:
> ´╗┐On 8/1/21, 10:21 AM, "lilypond-devel on behalf of Jonas Hahnfeld via 
> Discussions on LilyPond development" 
> < on behalf of 
>> wrote:
>     > For me, personally, I'd prefer to see us follow up with either Marnen's 
> or Jaques's work (they may actually be very similar -- I'm not sure) so we 
> can get installable .app bundles, not just installed binaries.  Installable 
> app bundles make it very easy to use different versions of LilyPond in 
> Frescobaldi.
>     Can you explain? Just extracting different versions of the binaries
>     produced by the above system will work just fine. IIRC you only need to
>     adjust the paths in Frescobaldi, right?
> I suppose that I can have different name binaries in my bin folder, with a 
> different name for each version.  As far as I know the binaries are generally 
> installed to some folder other than Applications (I don't remember where it 
> ended up when I tested it.

Ok, would be interesting to know...

> With the app bundle, I can rename the app bundle, and all of the necessary 
> bin files are in each .app bundle.  I don't have to worry about what is the 
> appropriate system path.  It's possible that it's no more difficult with your 
> binaries, rather than the .app bundles.  It's just not my standard process.  
> GUB produces .app bundles, so that's what I'm used to using.

You should be able to unpack the binaries to different directories, and
use them in parallel as you wish.

> The other thing that I thought tha .app bundles provided is built-in proper 
> versions of all the necessary utilities, so I don't need to worry about 
> clashes with improper versions of utilities.  I haven't actually run into any 
> problems with clashes, but I also haven't tried multiple lilypond binaries 
> with different names on my system -- I've just used different app bundles.

I would claim it's even less error-prone with the way I'm proposing
because everything is statically linked, so you can never run into the
problem that one version of LilyPond finds a library from another

> I'm an old dog, but not so old that I can't learn new tricks.  Maybe I just 
> need to learn new tricks and your method is perfectly sufficient.  If so, 
> please let me know.

Feel free to try the current proof-of-concept, the overall idea of the
approach has worked on all systems that I tested so far.


> Thanks,
> Carl

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