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Re: Guile 2 (was: Cairo plans)

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: Guile 2 (was: Cairo plans)
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2021 00:07:16 +0200
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Le 05/09/2021 à 22:46, Jonas Hahnfeld via Discussions on LilyPond development a écrit :
Hm, when Harm brought up this point in the previous thread in May, I
did not understand this to be a critical showstopper for adoption of
Guile 2.2 (is it?) or I would have prioritized this over working on the
new infrastructure to compile binaries.

Not critical: it's not like Guile 1 is good at error locations
either or errors in general. But one does encounter a number of
cases where using Guile 1 in LilyPond yields better errors -- at
least this has been my main source of frustration since starting
to build with Guile 2. I guess everybody has their particular
point they would want to see improved before switching to Guile 2.

IIRC Harm's comments were mostly about not confusing the average user
with ugly backtraces of Scheme internals - which was solved some time
ago by only enabling them in debug mode. For the error locations, I had
some WIP solution for ~80% of the cases (typos and wrong argument
types) by installing a custom exception handler and manually adding the
location information of where the parsed code came from. I had hoped to
revisit this approach over the weekend, but it didn't happen. I cannot
foresee when I will have time for this, but just to let people know
that I don't think all hope is lost here.

Nice to hear!


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