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Re: SMuFL name mapping update, 8 September

From: Owen Lamb
Subject: Re: SMuFL name mapping update, 8 September
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2021 23:53:41 -0700
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Hi Werner,
* about `trill_element` vs. `trillelement`: This was changed by Han-Wen in
   commit c49e0fd544f (dated 2004) without any log messages.  It looks
   like an oversight that `trillelement` wasn't removed then.
Good to know! I'll put a further investigation/usage poll on the list of side projects, unless someone else wants to head that themselves.
* About the rotated wiggle glyphs in Bravura: Do you have any idea why
   this is so?  If not, can you please ask the SMuFL people?  It looks
   definitely wrong to me!  They should either correct the font or
   provide glyph name aliases for horizontal typesetting (assuming that
   glyph names, once introduced, can't be changed any longer).

   There are far too much annoying things in OpenType for vertically
   typeset scripts due to backward compatibility issues caused by
   incapable typesetting systems.  IMHO, today the proper technology
   exists to avoid the need of horizontally composing glyph strings
   that must be rotated afterwards.
I don't know... the SMuFL specs don't seem to say anything about it. I'll message their list when I get the time.
* In your table I don't see a Bravura glyph
   `ornamentZigZagLineShortened`.  Is it really shortened that much so
   that you no longer can see it? :-)

Nope! `ornamentZigZagLineShortened` is a name I thought up in lieu of a SMuFL equivalent. It's a limitation of my coloring system that all contentious mappings, whether suggested new glyphs or existing bravura glyphs, show up the same red color.

Honestly, if SMuFL has no analogue to it and LilyPond doesn't even use it anymore, we probably don't need to think too hard about the name of this glyph. But I suppose -Alt might be more concise than -Shortened in the meantime, with the added bonus that the -Alt suffix is attested elsewhere in SMuFL. Anyone object to calling it `ornamentZigZagLineAlt` until further notice?


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