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Re: Question on commit c478396f Move all doc building logic to Documenta

From: John Wheeler
Subject: Re: Question on commit c478396f Move all doc building logic to Documentation/GNUmakefile
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2021 22:38:54 -0500
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On 9/29/2021 6:13 PM, Jean Abou Samra wrote:

Le 30/09/2021 à 01:11, John Wheeler a écrit :
I must be the one exception to "nobody uses this", I appreciate the "good luck" wish.

Curious: what is your use case?

I originally started down this path because I wanted to create a method to typeset tablature for a hammered dulcimer.

The instrument I play can be modeled as 16 courses with 3 striking locations per course, each location with an assigned pitch. The pitches are not consistently harmonically related across the course.  A fair number of pitches are available in multiple locations. I wrote a program that accepts a simple lilypond input and suggests an optimal hammering pattern, optimal from the point of minimizing difficult reaches, crossed hands and such, but the output is currently simply a stream of triplets: (right/left hand, course, location).

I used lilypond input format for my program so I could verify the printed LilyPond output to the original music I wanted to optimize.  To me it seemed it should be a small leap to substitute my optimization algorithm for the string/fret calculation in LilyPond and simply typeset the suggested hammering pattern.

While I find a wealth of highly detailed information in the documentation and can see how much of it is created directly from the code, I am still working to gain the understanding of the program flow to allow me to realize my goal.  This led me to look at the lexer, parser, ... looking for that understanding.

In jest I add: reading the code is a lot of fun, but I miss the programmer's guide to the lilypond language and it's libraries.

Do you think there is enough interest in programming in lilypond in the community to create one? Maybe even just a complete introduction to the concepts and program flow with pointers to the rest of the documentation for the details?

I am motivated to offer my help.

John Wheeler

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