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Re: recognizing "pedal" <kind> in musicxml harmony, along with modifying

From: James
Subject: Re: recognizing "pedal" <kind> in musicxml harmony, along with modifying Ignatzek exceptions
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2021 06:39:49 +0000

Hello Leonard,

On 29/09/2021 21:56, wrote:

Many of us who use chord symbols in our scores find value in having 'pedal'
as a chord symbol type, which is simply a single unison pitch given by the
chord's root. Both Finale and Musescore successfully export 'pedal'  as a
<kind> data type of a <harmony> element in musicxml files.

The chordkind_dict variable in the musicxml2ly in my Lilypond installation
file has the 'pedal' entry commented out, which I modified to what the
commented out line basically hints at:
'pedal': ':1'
That modification, along with modifying  ignatzekExceptionMusic in the
chord-modifiers-init file to include
<c >-\markup \super {Pedal} has given me added functionally in both
recognizing a 'pedal' chord type when importing musicxml , and in having
'pedal' available in the Chordnames context. Would anyone see value in
having this reflected in the main repository?

Thanks for the input. We always appreciate this.

I have no experience to be able to add to this discussion, but you might get more (better) initial feed back from the developer list and/or even the 'user' list than the bug list.

That is not to say you would never get a reply but that not everyone in our dev team looks at the bug list. I'll cc the dev list anyway in case you are on that too.



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