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Re: lilypond x64 and arm64 for macOS users in homebrew

From: Jefferson Felix
Subject: Re: lilypond x64 and arm64 for macOS users in homebrew
Date: Sat, 2 Oct 2021 15:06:12 -0300

Ok! I think we will merge lilypond in homebrew@core in the next week.
I was thinking about waiting for the opinion from this community about
guile 2, but in case there aren't any more manifestations, we will be
publishing lilypond with guile 2 in homebrew in that way.
The most complex job to make this happen was to create a formula for
TeXLive. After more than 40 days of discussions on github, we were able to
create a TeXLive distribution for homebrew, including a contribution from a
TeX developer.
We don't expect the distribution of Lilypond in homebrew to be official,
but it will certainly be an important way to get Lilypond in a simple and
practical way for macOS users.


Em sáb., 2 de out. de 2021 às 12:02, Dan Eble <> escreveu:

> On Sep 30, 2021, at 17:34, Jefferson Felix <> wrote:
> >
> > Therefore, I would like your opinion if we can continue with Guile 2,
> even
> > if this homebrew distribution is not an official distribution, or if you
> > could demonstrate, with examples, known issues in compiling sheet music
> > with Guile 2.
> Jefferson,
> I don't speak with legal authority, and Guile integration is not my area
> of expertise, but I use Homebrew on macOS, and I'm glad to hear about this
> from that POV.
> Thanks,
> Dan

Jefferson dos Santos Felix

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