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Re: lilypond x64 and arm64 for macOS users in homebrew

From: Jonas Hahnfeld
Subject: Re: lilypond x64 and arm64 for macOS users in homebrew
Date: Sat, 02 Oct 2021 22:04:20 +0200
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Am Donnerstag, dem 30.09.2021 um 18:34 -0300 schrieb Jefferson Felix:
> Dear developers,
> We have been working the last few days on homemade formulas for TeXLive (
> and Lilypond (
> / 85024) . The Lilypond
> formula relies on the TeXLive formula to build, which is practically ready
> to be merged.
> With that, Lilypond 2.22 will have binary distributions for macOS Catalina
> or higher, with x86_64 (Intel) or arm64 (M1) processors, available with
> command `brew install lilypond`.
> The problem is that homebrew core maintainers do not agree to use the old
> and obsolete Guile 1.8 to build and run Lilypond, so the version we are
> using in the formula is 2.2 (which exists in homebrew).
> I know guile 2 is not officially supported by Lilypond, but we did a lot of
> testing and compiled a lot of scores, with no errors. I just noticed that
> compilation time is a little slow with Guile 2.
> Therefore, I would like your opinion if we can continue with Guile 2, even
> if this homebrew distribution is not an official distribution, or if you
> could demonstrate, with examples, known issues in compiling sheet music
> with Guile 2.

I think there should be no known issues left for compiling most
"standard" scores with 2.22.1 where I tried to backport all fixes that
landed in master up until April, and I'm not aware of any later
problems (#6141 only has an effect if you byte-compile, which you
cannot in 2.22 anyway). Slower startup time (up to two seconds) is the
most noticeable regression, and scores with a lot of Scheme usage (for
example through external libraries) are going to be problematic. See,
with the official binaries using Guile 1.8 and after convincing most
Linux distributions to stick with that older version for now, the
assumption is that version 2.22 of LilyPond is running with Guile 1.8.
So if possible, I would recommend not using Guile 2.2 until the
official binaries are switched over.


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