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Re: Lilypond is now on Homebrew for macOS Mojave or higher (Intel or M1)

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: Lilypond is now on Homebrew for macOS Mojave or higher (Intel or M1)
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2021 22:14:40 +0200
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> I like the principle. However, Homebrew seems to want versioned tarballs, and I am not sure Phil and Jonas should have to go through the multi-hour release process for this. I believe it's okay for this change to wait for the next version release of Lilypond.

What kind of next version, next minor of
current stable, i.e. 2.22.2, or next
stable release, 2.24?

Regarding 2.24, I would hope that we can have
moved to Guile 2 permanently at that time.

I don't know when the next point release in
the 2.22 series will be. It may be a bit
late by then, no idea.

Would it make any sense for LilyPond in general to be able to report dependencies in a manner similar to FFmpeg and ImageMagick?  Granted, those projects can be built for myriad configurations, so it is essential to be able to know what libraries are compiled in.  However, with Guile 3 on the horizon too, it could be wise for LilyPond to indicate the specific versions being used for any dependency, including GhostScript and Cairo.  Such a solution would then be part of the core distribution.

Why not. However, the versions of the dependencies
are generally easy to figure out from the installation
method, I think. In my opinion, the problem is more about
users running the same \version (that statement is for
compatibility after all) and possibly not realizing
that their LilyPond is different under the hood.


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