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Re: Any ideas what is happening here?

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Any ideas what is happening here?
Date: Thu, 04 Nov 2021 12:09:30 +0100
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David Kastrup <> writes:

> Dan Eble <> writes:
>> Using \tuplet 1/1 instead of \volta 1 causes the same problem.
>> Nesting the \set within <<>> or {} makes the problem go away.  Does
>> that serve as a work-around in your use case?
> There is an abundance of << >> (due to tags being in play) already.  My
> problematic code uses utility functions using ly:context-output-def; the
> "minimal example" just uses some similar elements until something
> strange appears, but the strangeness is not really in any remotely
> recognisable way related to the problem I am seeing.
> So I cannot really "reduce to a minimal example" sensibly until
> ly:context-output-def has made it upstream which will be in a few days.

To wit: I am using skipTypesetting in connection with some counter
juggling in \applyContext to split a MIDI into pieces at places
indicated in the score.  One start of a piece is in a \repeat volta in
the first volta.  There is \articulate (likely not involved) and
\unfoldRepeats .  The respective \applyContext call in the repeat body
is guarded by \volta 1 (which is not really according to the examples in
the documentation but matches the doc string of \volta itself) but the
piece still gets split in both repeats.  The minimal examples I tried to
construct under simpler circumstances all work as written for
introducing material constrained to one volta (good work, by the way).

The workaround is obviously a copy&paste job hand-expanding that
particular repeat volta.  That would mess with the bar numbers, but
currently we don't have a Bar_number_performer that would convey the
actual bar numbers into MIDI so right now that difference is academical.

David Kastrup

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